Søren Birch



Søren Birch
Born 1955, Denmark

Søren Birch is a highly esteemed Danish conductor with many years’ experience of various chamber and symphony orchestras. Besides his talents as a conductor, Søren Birch is also known for his many compositions, mostly for choirs.
Søren Birch graduated as a choral and ensemble director from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Aarhus, where he has also taught for many years. Today he teaches choir and ensemble conducting at the Jutland Academy of Music in Aalborg and at the Southern Denmark Academy of Music and Theatre in Esbjerg. In addition Søren Birch is a highly active conductor. Among other ensembles he has conducted the Danish National Chamber Choir, the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, the Swedish Chamber Choir and a number of amateur orchestras. Today he conducts the cham­ber choir CoroMisto, which he formed in 1991 with the vision of creating a forum for classi­cal a cappella music, contemporary as well as more traditional. The repertoire of the choir ranges from early works through Romanticism to more recent composition music.
That Søren Birch’s musical heart beats for choirs and choral music is clearly mani­fested in many of his compositions. The majority are in fact arranged for choir. Some are edited versions of existing choral works, others are arrangements of other existing composi­tions. Whether one considers his melodic, cheerful and singable compositions or his talent as a conductor, Søren Birch plays a quite central role in Danish choral and chamber music.