Jr., Johann Strauss

1825 - 1899



Johann Strauss II was born on October 25th 1825 in St. Ulrich near Vienna. He was an Austrian composer and became so well known for his waltzes that he was dubbed ‘The Waltz King’. He was in fact largely responsible for the popularity of the dance in 19th century Vienna. He was taught counterpoint and harmony by theorist Professor Joachim Hoffmann and composer Joseph Drechsler. His output was so prolific and his resultant fame so significant, he completely surpassed that of his father, as well as overshadowing both his younger brothers. One of the more significant events in his life came with the World’s Peace Jubilee and International Musical Festival, an event organised in order to celebrate the end of the Franco-Prussian war. He conducted a performance several works, including his most famous work the ‘Blue Danube’ waltz to great acclaim, with an ensemble of over 1000 performers. He died on June 3rd 1899 having composed over 400 waltzes, polkas, quadrilles and other dances, and in doing so cemented himself as one of the most renowned composers of light music.


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