Poul Schierbeck

1888 - 1949



Poul Schierbeck studied composition with Carl Nielsen and Thomas Laub among others,and was a teacher in composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. From 1916 until his death he was organist at Skovshoved Kirke.

First and foremost, Schierbeck is known for his vocal music, which is inspired by the Danish song tradition introduced to him by his aforementioned teachers. Despite its success, he only wrote a single symphony, composed in the decade from 1911-1921.

Schierbeck’s most famous works include the song circle The Chinese Flute (1917) and the famous song I Danmark er jeg født (1927) with lyrics by H.C. Andersen, which is widely considered an unofficial Danish national anthem.

He received the Ancker Grant in 1919 and the Lange-Müller Honorary Scholarship in 1926.


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