Jørgen Bentzon

1897 - 1951



Jørgen Bentzon was a Danish composer –cousin of composer Niels Viggo Bentzon. Aside from his work as composer, Jørgen Bentzon held different positions in the Danish state administration.

Jørgen Bentzon’s output is small and exclusive, characterized by a confident sense of form and solid musical craftsmanship. This is well reflected in e.g. the chamber work series Raccontino. 1-6. Bentzon’s chamber pieces are typified by a kind of polyphony where the individual instruments to some extent express themselves freely according to their instrumental characters – the so-called "character polyphony" –a characteristic inherited from Carl Nielsen’s wind quintet and that was to be the hallmark of Bentzon’s chamber music.

Together with composer Finn Høffding, Jørgen Bentzon was a pioneer of Danish interwar educational work, and a number of his choral works were written especially for children and adolescents.



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