• Benjamin Frankel
  • Pezzi Melodici (1972)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)
  • 2(pic)222/2000/timp.perc/hp/str
  • 17 min

Programme Note

1. Glimpse into myself
2. The path through the field
3. Willie Waugh (A. E. Coppard)
4. The Village band
5. Window in the old church
6. Two, at night, in the field
7. Children's Song

The title is meant to convey either "Melodic Pieces" or "Pieces of Melody". They are all very brief and should not be thought of as programmatic: more aptly, they are subjective glances at a series of objects and ideas. The titles are merely clues, intended to open doors on meanings.

Technically, the wander in and out of serial methods, the more direct of them being the more strictly constructed.

If the first is sad - and why in the circumstances shouldn't it be? - the remainder are all friendly, and the last one openly happy.

The pieces are dedicated to my wife Xenia. She asked, "why?"
I answered, "because they are very short".

© Benjamin Frankel