• John Corigliano
  • The Food of Love (2019)

  • G Schirmer Inc (World)
  • ob, vc
  • 6 min 30 s

Programme Note

Composer note:
The Food of Love was written to celebrate the fiftieth wedding anniversary of my dear friends Michèle and Larry Corash. This amazing couple celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries by commissioning new works of music from contemporary American composers. I met the Corashes through the distinguished composer (and former student of mine) Mason Bates. They have funded several works by Mason and have thus enriched our orchestral repertoire.

The "food of love" is, of course, music, and this little tribute is written for oboe and cello — two of Michèle's favorite instruments. I have taken the liberty of assigning the oboe to portray Michèle, and the deeper cello to represent Larry.

Since a long, constantly loving duo might thwart the homage I intended, I wrote a work that begins and ends with a consonant and beautiful melody, but is often interrupted by either partner resulting in discord which finally resolves into peaceful harmony. In truth, I have never seen the slightest disagreement between the living Michèle and Larry, but as a composer, I needed the drama, and therefore invented it. I hope they forgive me.

— John Corigliano