• Rob Keeley
  • Manoeuvering and Finessing (2006)

  • Cadenza Music (World)
  • hpd

Programme Note

I originally wrote this for a well-known harpsichordist (without fee) who in the end sadly declined to perform it. However I think it's a decent, substantial and demanding piece which would suit any performer with flair and imagination. The title derives from a passage in Jane Austen's 'Emma' and is expressly designed to be played on a 2-manual instrument. The first movement is marked 'Crisp, pert, exuberant' (a bit like Emma herself) and contrasts rich staccato chords and swirls of grace notes and trills: the second is more flowing and legato, with the two hands crossing and re-crossing in two part counterpoint, but the rich chord of the first movement begin to intrude: in conclusion, the coda is a kind of expressive sarabande, a favourite topic I explore further in my Suite for Harpsichord of three years later. – Rob Keeley