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Programme Note

Charybdis is a maelstrom which probably was located between Sicily and the Italian mainland. In Homer’s Odyssey it is described as sea monster so powerful that once a ship had come into its vortex, not even Poseidon could save it from certain doom.

There is something alarmingly fascinating about the immense force of nature inherent in such a maelstrom. For its drawing, lethal power has much in common with a very human quality: our attraction to the dangerous and the unknown — to the forbidden and the wild. And as an artist, you know it only too well: The ecstasy, the rapture. This bewildering knowing about but yet yearning for one’s own ruin. You are hooked and you don’t quite know what has got into you. And although you know that this will be your downfall, you cannot let go but you let yourself fall further and further into the wild.

And suddenly it is to late. But it already does not matter anymore, because you have long since been embraced by this thing that is bigger than yourself. And in spite of all danger you must go deeper. You cannot… no, you don’t even WANT — to escape anymore.


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