• Sunleif Rasmussen
  • Viola Sonata No. 1 (2016)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • va
  • 20 min

Programme Note

Movement I
The accidentals should be played with high or low intonation rather than quarter notes. For example, the flat accidental
with an arrow up should be played with high intonation and the flat accidental with an arrow down should be played
with low intonation. The same with the natural accidentals.
Movement II
all the semiquavers that are not spiccato are to be played martellato.
Movement III
it is important that the voice sounds much softer than the Viola.
Movement V
The accents should stand out very clearly. Like forming a melody with accompaniment.
The vowels in the singing part should be sung with German pronunciation.
The male singers should sing 8va basso.
Sunleif Rasmussen, 2016


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