• Jean Philippe Rameau and Alan Curtis
  • La Naissance d'Osiris (1754)
    (La fête Pamilie )

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

Alan Curtis

  • Musettes - – Str + continuo
  • 55 min

Programme Note

La Naissance d'Osiris was written to celebrate the birth of the Duc de Berry, who became Louis XVI. Chorus of divided sopranos, haute-contres, tailles, bass-tailles. Orchestra including musettes. After painting the languourous, amorous, nostalgically pastoral setting, Rameau interrupts it with a thunder and lightning chorus. Jupiter descends and announces the birth of Osiris, who will bring eternal peace to the world. All rejoice with song and dance. The dances, alternately lively and tender, the love music and the choral writing is all of a sublime level.