• Stewart Copeland
  • Dog Dreams from Mikrokosmos (For Percussion) (2009)

  • Palmyra Music (World)
  • 3perc
  • 3 min

Programme Note

Bela Bartok's MIKROKOSMOS taught us that piano exercises can be beautiful as well as nutritional.

The same can be said for percussion music. The cool thing about the world’s percussion ensemble repertoire is that it includes some of the strangest music ever written, for the widest assortment of instruments (and non-instruments). That’s the nutritional part. But percussion can be beautiful and melodious as well as strange. These four pieces endeavor to bring a little warmth to an otherwise rather austere repertoire.

With regard to the virtuosity needed to perform these charts, I have tried to combine the highest level of wow factor with the lowest threshold for skill level. These ought to be safe for students but should also be crowd pleasers for professionals.

1. Marimba
2. Vibraphone
3. Tambourine
4. Bass Mari

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