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  • vc, 3gtr, db
  • 25 min

Programme Note

February 22 2009
Members of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
San Francisco, CA

The Italian term "ravvedimento" is behind Repentance's English title, which only indirectly informs us of the content and nature of the composition. Ravvedimento is the title of a 2007 composition by Gubaidulina for cello and guitar quartet, which the composer adapted for cello, 3 guitars and double bass. Ravvedimento was composed for cellist Ivan Monighetti who premiered it together with the guitar ensemble "quasi fantasia" in Tranekaer, Denmark. The title, according to Gubaidulina, means about the same as regret — regret because the much-occupied composer, busy with new works, had to postpone the project for so long before she could finally finish it.

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