• hn.2tpt.tbn.tba
  • 10 min
    • 10th February 2022, Oskarshamm, Oskarshamm, Sweden
    • 11th February 2022, Karlshamn, Karlshamn, Sweden
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Programme Note

La fugitive (’Rymmerskan’) for brass quintet was composed for Stockholm Chamber Brass in 2003.

I selected the title from the sixth volume of Marcel Proust’s novel suite ‘In Search of Lost Time’. I thought the title fitted well, since the music has a fleeting character and gradually ‘slips’ away from the listener.

There is a slow change of tone in the work: all musicians start without mute and then on different occasions switch to mute play. This way, one has the feeling that the music is gradually moving further and further from us to finally sound as if from far away.