• Yehudi Wyner
  • Trio 2009 (2009)

  • Associated Music Publishers Inc (World)
  • cl, vc, pf
  • 15 min

Programme Note

Composer Note:

TRIO 2009 for clarinet, cello and piano was written in the fall of 2009 for three beloved colleagues: Richard Stoltzman, Lynn Harrell and Robert Levin. The commission for the work came from Chamber Music San Francisco with support from the 2009 Commissioning Music/USA program of Meet the Composer.

Time was short between the confirmed request for the trio and the target date for delivery of the manuscript, and so I chose to seek out a congenial but isolated place to stimulate my creative concentration. By extraordinary good fortune I was invited to be artist-in-residence at a remarkable Foundation in Umbria, Italy, a 15th century castle-retreat called Civitella Ranieri. There, in the midst of olive groves and mountains, sympathetic colleagues and a serene atmosphere, I was able to work happily and the trio took shape.

TRIO 2009 is in one continuous movement and is typical of my music in that it proclaims no exclusive ideology. While the music is continuous it traverses sections of clear variety, featuring now one, now another player. There are short episodes of recitative for cello, a romantic ballad-like cantilena for clarinet and a brief pseudo cadenza for piano. But most of the music moves quickly and in concerted texture. Towards the end, a slow dirge-like episode darkens and deepens the expression, but playfulness returns to disperse the gloom and to conclude the work.

TRIO 2009 is about 17 minutes long.

ā€” Yehudi Wyner

March 13, 2010
Richard Stoltzman, clarinet
Lynn Harrell, cello
Robert Levin, piano
Herbst Theatre, San Francisco, CA