• ssx.asx.tsx.barsx
  • 24 min

Programme Note

Six Sax Examples (2005-06) is six short movements commissioned by and written for the Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet. They (the movements) are designed to be sturdy, so they can be played outdoors or in pubs or coffeehouses. This does not mean that they are not composed with care, they are: they meet all the Pythagorean requirements that I demand of my other compositions.

One can play them all at once or in excerpts and one can also sprinkle them across a concert program and mix them with other pieces.


1) 2’40’’
2) 3’15’’
3) 4’03’’
4) 2’45’’
5) ca. 4’45’’
6) 6’40’’

In total approx. 24’00’’

- Anders Brødsgaard 2008