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   Nathaniel Stookey, The Composer is Dead, with text by Lemony Snicket
   The Composer is Dead by Nathaniel Stookey with text by Lemony Snicket
   The Composer is Dead, music by Nathaniel Stookey with text by Lemony Snicket

  • 2(pic)2(ca)2(bcl)2(cbn)/4231/timp.3perc(Berlioz bells)/hp/str
  • Narrator/Speaker
  • 30 min
  • Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler)
  • English, French, German, Spanish
    • 9th March 2024, Musikkens Hus, Aalborg, Denmark
    • 6th April 2024, Nebraska Wesleyan University - O'Donnell Auditorium, Lincoln, NE, United States of America
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Programme Note

There is an image (in Acrobat format, 693 KB) for download on the More Info tab of this page. Organizations may use this cover art from the HarperCollins Book/CD to promote their performances of The Composer is Dead. Please credit artist Carson Ellis, from THE COMPOSER IS DEAD, © HarperCollins.

Composer Note:

I hope I’m not giving away too much by saying that The Composer is Dead ends with a funeral march...Classical composers have always had a preoccupation with death, partly because we are human, like you, partly because we grapple with the mysteries of the universe, partly because death sells records and always has...Someday you'll be able to tell your grandchildren that you appreciated a living composer before that living composer became, like all composers, dead.

— Nathaniel Stookey

Librettist's Note:

I have been asked if I might say a word or two about the text of The Composer Is Dead, and the one or two words are "Boo hoo." The story — which, as far as I know, is absolutely true — is so heartbreakingly glum that I cannot imagine that you will be able to listen to it without dabbing at your tears with a nearby handkerchief.

— Lemony Snicket

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