• Nico Muhly
  • Three Études for Piano (2003)

  • St. Rose Music Publishing (World)

Commissioned by VisionIntoArt/RockHotelPianoFest in New York City

  • Piano
  • 10 min

Programme Note

1. Ostinati
2. Quiet Music
3. Running

In preparation for writing a large (uncompleted) work for piano, I decided to write three short pieces to get certain musical tics out of my system. Each of these three études addresses a specific rhythmic and harmonic gesture: the first, Ostinati, focuses on a gently lilting left hand contrasted with angular outbursts in the right hand, usually in octaves. The second étude, “Quiet Music,” concerns itself with drones and chant-like music, and the third, “Running,” explores slowly shifting harmonies pitted against very fast cross-hand playing. These three études were written from January to March 2003 and were composed partially for performance in the VisionIntoArt / RockHotelPianoFest in New York City. Étude #3 (“Running”) was premiered by Eric Huebner and is dedicated to him.


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