• Peter Lieberson
  • Fantasy Pieces (1989)

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  • 8 min

Programme Note

1. Breeze of Delight
2. Dragon's Thunder
3. Memory's Luminous Wind

"Breeze of Delight" only
November 1, 1989
Peter Serkin, piano
92nd Street Y
New York, NY

Fantasy Pieces (complete set)
August 8, 1990
Peter Serkin, piano
Tanglewood Music Festival
Lenox, MA

Program Note
Peter Lieberson composed the three movements of Fantasy Pieces for pianist Peter Serkin. Their titles describe the movements' characters. The first, "Breeze of Delight," was a birthday gift. Serkin performed the three together for the first time on August 8 1990 at the Tanglewood Music Festival.

During 1989 Lieberson's brother and his brother-in-law died of cancer. "Memory's Luminous Wind" was written in their memory, and in memory of his father Goddard Lieberson.

Composer Note for "Breeze of Delight"
"Breeze of Delight" was written in July of this year (1989) and is the first of three short pieces completed in the beginning of November. When I finished composing "Breeze of Delight" I thought it might make a good opening piece for Peter Serkin’s concert, and I offered it to him as a birthday gift.

—Peter Lieberson