Commissioned by the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation

  • 1(pic).2(ca).1(Ebcl,bcl).2(cbn)/3.1([pic tpt]).0.0/perc/pf(cel)/str (min
  • 30 min

Programme Note

N.B. — Symphony in Waves requires a minimum of 6 to 8 hours rehearsal time.

Composer Note:

Prior to writing this work in 1989 I never imagined I would write a symphony. It seemed such an outdated and irrelevant form. But since that time I've become increasingly excited by the communicative potential, by the highly varied ideas and emotions, latent in traditional forms. I hope to find what 'symphony' means to me, to define the form for myself, by bringing my own experiences and passions to it.

I am not dealing with waves in a strictly programmatic sense. I think about waves of sound in addition to those of wind and water. Each movement uses some aspect of wave motion: swells and troughs of dynamics, densities, and instrumental color: the 'sounds' of light broken into flickering bits by water's action.

— Aaron Jay Kernis


Symphony in Waves: I. Continuous Wave
Symphony in Waves: II. Scherzo
Symphony in Waves: III. Still Movement
Symphony in Waves: IV. Intermezzo
Symphony in Waves: V. Finale




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