G. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translation by Walter Ducloux for this work but does not supply orchestral materials.

    • Libretto by Ranieri de Calzabigi. English translation by Walter Ducloux.
    • English, Italian

    Programme Note

    Cast List:
       ORFEO, a poet and singer: Mezzo-Soprano
       AMORE, the god of love: Soprano
       EURIDICE, Orfeo's wife: Soprano
       Chorus of Shepherds and Shepherdesses, Monsters and Furies, Blessed Spirits, etc.Synopsis:
    In this retelling of the classic Greek myth, Orfeo descends to the underworld in search of his deceased wife Euridice. The spirits of the underworld agree to let Orfeo bring Euridice back to earth, on condition that he does not look at her until they arrive. When Orfeo lets go of Euridice’s hand, she begins to doubt his love. When Orfeo can no longer bear Euridice’s torment, he cannot help himself from turning to look at her and she is immediately returned to the depths of the underworld. However Gluck provides us with a happy ending, for when the inconsolable Orfeo returns to earth, Amor takes pity on him and restores Euridice to life.