36' (six scenes) or 75' (eight scenes)

  • 1+pic.022/2220/perc/pf.hpd/str
  • fl(pic), cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, kbd [or] fl, vc, perc, pf
  • 2S, 2Mz, T[=S], T[=Mz], T, 2Bar, B[=Bar] in 3 roles[=Bar, 2B], speaking role [alternate cast = S, Mz, T[=S], B-bar
  • 36 min
  • Libretto by the composer after Lewis Carroll.
  • English

Programme Note

Cast List:
   ALICE: Lyric Soprano
   THE DORMOUSE: Soprano
   THE CHESHIRE CAT: Tenor or Mezzo-Soprano
   THE QUEEN OF HEARTS: Dramatic Mezzo-Soprano
   THE COOK: Mezzo-Soprano
   THE WHITE RABBIT:Tenor or Soprano
   THE MOCK TURTLE: Lyric Tenor
   THE DUCHESS: Baritone
   THE MAD HATTER: Baritone
   THE MARCH HARE: Baritone
   THE KING OF HEARTS: Speaking role
   Chorus of Cards

When performed by four singers, the roles should be distributed as follows:
Lyric Soprano: Alice
Tenor (or Soprano): White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Mock Turtle
Mezzo-Soprano: Queen of Hearts, Cook
Bass-Baritone: Duchess, Gryphon, King of Hearts
Scenes: A Meadow, Wonderland (Alice and the White Rabbit), A Garden (Alice and the Caterpillar), The Duchess’s Kitchen, A Forest (The Cheshire Cat), In Front of the March Hare’s House, The Croquet Field, The Mock Turtle’s Rock, Wonderland (The Trial), A Meadow.