• Karsten Fundal
  • Woven Lines (1993)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • cl
  • 6 min

Programme Note

The title refers to several levels in the piece. Partly a method I have used, where three lines are weaved, so they become one line, here the clarinet which can (nearly) only play one tone at the time.

Either the three parts disappear and become one waving melodic line as in the beginning of the piece. Or they are put in different registers of the clarinet, so they are heard as separate lines weaving into one another.

On a different level there are three different sequences, which are also weaved into one another; one which rises (for instance in the beginning), and one which falls, and one which falls in parallels in several registers. These three sequences become faster and faster every time they reappear.

The idea of weaving melodic lines was inspired by Bach’s pieces for solo strings, where he in a marvellous way established several simultaneous melodic lines, without simultaneous sounding notes. This happened by weaving parts, which in other works would sound simultaneously, into one another, so that only one note was heard at the time. This meant that in that long line, which was heard as the instrument’s development of the piece, other melodies were weaving around each other with different focuses.

Woven Lines was commissioned by DUT with support from the Danish Arts’ Council.

- Karsten Fundal