• Per Nørgård
  • Magdalene Sange (3 Sange til tekster af Hanne Groes) (1992)
    (Magdalena Songs ( 3 Songs to Texts by Hanne Groes))

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)

Also available for bass and accordion.

  • acn (or pf)
  • Bass (or Mz/Alto)
  • 10 min

Programme Note

1. Kaldedrømme (´Calling Dreams´)
2. Drømmestemmer (Dream Voices)
3. Sent møde (Late Meeting)

Dreams have many forms, for instance night dreams (not controllable) day dreams (often combinations of spontaneous images, hope, escape...) and ´dreams of...´ (pure longings). In the two poems of Hanne Groes behind the three songs about a longing for love (“Kaldedrømme” (´Calling dreams´) and “Sent Møde” (Late Meeting)) there is a religious intensity and atmosphere related to the genre of the Song of Songs.

The first and last songs are contrasting, the first being rather ´dark´, the last being ´bright´. For the second song, “Drømmestemmer” (Dream Voices) I have used fragments of both poems, creating a bridge between the two, preparing the fulfillment and meeting of the last song.
Some would say the dreams are escapist and unrealistic... But dreams also function as visions, visions that we realize.

Per Nørgård