• Per Nørgård
  • Hedda Gabler (1993)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • va, hp, pf
  • 19 min

Programme Note

The music was composed for the BBC production of Henrik Ibsens´s famous play “Hedda Gabler”. For the production the director Deborah Warner changed the location from Bergen, Norway to Dublin – two cities with many things in common, both in size and atmosphere.

All the movements are played attacca, as one movement, and the reason that I accepted this incidental music to be performed as a concert piece is that it has a unity – decided by Deborah Warner and me – always following the character of Hedda. In Fiona Shaw´s´ interpretation Hedda Gabler is just as ruthless as Ibsen created her – but also deeply felt, understood and shown as a victim of the suppressed role of women in the Victorian age.

Therefore the associations to the salon music of the era are coloured with a strong expressionistic expression – the music being entirely created from the inner universe of the main character Hedda.

Per Nørgård (1993)


Hedda Gabler: Haunted
Hedda Gabler: Exposed
Hedda Gabler: Deceived
Hedda Gabler: In Voice
Hedda Gabler: Hunter (Tour de force)
Hedda Gabler: Memory I
Hedda Gabler: Memory II
Hedda Gabler: "Sub rosa"
Hedda Gabler: Procession
Hedda Gabler: Lion and Lamb
Hedda Gabler: Hunter II
Hedda Gabler: Anticipation I
Hedda Gabler: Personal Souvenir
Hedda Gabler: Strange Lullaby
Hedda Gabler: Anticipation II - (Waltz - Intermezzo)
Hedda Gabler: Mask of Chopin (Nocturne in F Major)
Hedda Gabler: The Red Mask of Death