• Per Nørgård
  • Flos ut rosa floruit (1991)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)

From Six Danish Choral Songs (1991)- here both in Danish and in Latin

  • SSATB (and/or SSA)
  • 5 min

Programme Note

The concept of Mary has a depth that transcends all religious persuasions. All over the earth symbols of the gentle and maternal are known. But the word ´Maria´ is also associated - in sound - with the Latin word for the sea, mare, and she thus becomes the Star of the Sea, Maris Stella.

In my Third Symphony the Maria motif is used in a hymn in the second, and last, part of the work. Flos ut rosa floruit was composed directly in the context of the symphony, and the melody had a ´stamina´ that carried it over into many later compositions, fx ”Fons Laetitiae” (for soprano or tenor and harp or luth), ”Nova Genitura” (soprano and 6 instruments) and "Twilight" for orchestra. Later the melody was the basis for ”Ut Rosa” (for 12 voices), and my "Harp Concerto no. 2 - ´..through thorns".

The simple choral version of "Flos ut rosa floruit" is from 1991, and to be performed by equal voices (SSA) and/or for mixed choir (SSATB).

Per Nørgård