• Magnus Lindberg
  • Dos Coyotes (2002)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
  • vc.pf
  • 11 min

Programme Note

‘Two Coyotes’ for cello and piano is a work with a chequered background. In 1993 I composed a set of five songs called ‘Songs from North and South’ for the Tapiola Choir, and then wrote ‘Coyote Blues’. The songs were tricky, and in the end only the first was performed. The children’s choir is a fine instrument but it has a small register. The situation was a new one for me and I had to work really hard to make my music fit for a children’s choir. Then when I worte ‘Coyote Blues’ I used the material for the children’s choir work but enlarged it, so to speak, for chamber line-up. Now that I am arranging the material a third time round, I have reduced it to a smaller format again, for cello and piano. We debated, Anssi Karttunen and I, which aspects of my work would be suitable for a cello-piano duo, because it was not possible to construct an entirely new work for the concert. We set to work on ‘Coyote Blues’ and together arranged it as ‘Two Coyotes’ for performance at the Music Nova Helsinki festival.
© Magnus Lindberg, 2002