• Antonio Cesti and Alan Curtis
  • Il Tito (1665)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

Alan Curtis's realisation of the Venetian Baroque opera
Alan Curtis

  • tpt/vn.va.db
  • Alto, Baritone, 3 Basses, 2 Countertenors, Mezzo Soprano, 6 Sopranos, 3 Tenors
  • 2 hr 40 min
  • Alan Curtis
  • Nicolò Beregan (1627-1713)
  • Italian

Programme Note

In Syria, Domitian is jealous of his brother the Emperor Titus in his amorous advances to the chaste Hebrew princess Berenice. She is engaged to Polemone, the Lycian king but is berated by her brother Agrippa for forsaking faith and country for a pagan. Marzia, Titus’ betrothed, travelling in a whale from Rome, reminds her husband of his imperial duty. With growing impatience, Domitian attempts rape but is seen off by Agrippa. The final scene is a double wedding preparation: Titus and Marzia, Berenice and Polemone.