• Lennox Berkeley
  • Sonatina for violin and piano (1942)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
  • violinpf
  • 14 min

Programme Note

Sonatina for Violin and Piano

This work was written with the idea of providing something that, though in a modern idiom (as it then was), would be easy to follow and not too difficult to play. For that reason, I chose the shortened sonata form and the type of material I thought suitable to my purpose. The first movement, like that of the Sextet, is in traditional form and is followed by a purely melodic slow movement lasting only for 37 bars. The third movement consists of a Theme followed by five Variations and a short re-statement of the first part of the theme. The fourth Variation is a Waltz.

The Sonatina was written in 1943.


Violin Sonatina, Op. 17: I. Moderato
Violin Sonatina, Op. 17: II. Lento
Violin Sonatina, Op. 17: III. Allegretto, Variations 1-5


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