• Leo Brouwer
  • Es El Amor Quien Vé (1973)
    (Es El Amor Quien Ve)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Frame CD FR9405-2

  • fl/vib/pf/gtr/vn.vc
  • voice

Programme Note

This chamber cantata for high voice and six instruments was composed (along with works by Harold
Gramatges, Eduardo Angulo and Alvarez y Rivalera) for the anniversary of the birth of José Martí
(1853-1895), the great Cuban poet and revolutionary.
The text
Por el amor se vé
con el amor se vé
Es el amor quien vé
(For love we see / with love we see / it is love that sees)
was only relatively recently discovered, almost a century after it was written, by Cintio Vitier and Pina
García Marruz, members of the Cuban literary group Origene.