• Magnus Lindberg
  • Twine (1988)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Helsinki (World)
  • Piano
  • 7 min

Programme Note

Twine is a piece that took me a long time to realize. The work spans over one and a half year, a relatively long period of working with a solo piece of 6-7 minutes. Now I look at it as a study for my orchestra piece Kinetics written in 1988-89.
These pieces express a need to move in another direction from the rather "urban djungle" -like style I was looking for in pieces like Kraft or UR.
Musically the main interest for me during the last years has been the confrontation between serial and spectral thinking. I find it very fruitful, as if it was the conflict between different views of organization that created interesting and unforeseen constellations of musical material.
In the same time the relation to composition has become less dogmatic - innovation based on experience rather than a predeterministic rigid system, organic continuation of material in the sense of late music of Sibelius seems somehow to offer more possibilities.

Expressing our experiences and intuitive musical ideas rather than problem solving is perhaps a romantic attitude towards composition, but in a way I believe more in uniqueness than generality nowadays.

Magnus Lindberg Paris, February 1990