Commissioned by Longman

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  • 3 ww/3 brass/2-4 tuned perc.3 untuned perc/pf/str
  • treble voices
  • 20 solo voices
  • 30 min

Programme Note

The Great Bank Robbery is a short music-theatre work written for eleven- to thirteen-year-olds. It provides scope for a large group of children to be involved in singing, playing or acting, and in the making of simple scenery and props. In the first production, there were about 75 children in the cast, with an orchestra of 20.

The story concerns a surprise raid by robbers on a High Street bank, the subsequent car chase, and the unmasking and capture of the robbers by their young hostages in a television studio, live before the nation.

There are three short scenes, each linked by an instrumental transition:

1.The Bank
2.The Car Chase
3. Mammoth TV Studio