Teacher's book available (CH60989). Parts available on sale separately.

  • fl[cl.recs]/tuned and untuned perc/tpt/vn/pf/bass inst
  • 25 min

Programme Note


The story is a humorous version of the Orkney folk-tale of an islander kidnapping a Selkie wife - a creature who is a seal in the sea and a woman on the land. Things go hilariously wrong, with the Selkie wife escaping to rejoin her companions in the sea, and Mansie, the islander, facing a most uncongenial alliance with his cousin and housekeeper, Miss Trowie-Tattibogle.


A Selkie Tale is a short music-theatre work (duration about 25 minutes) designed for performance by seven- to eleven-year-olds year olds. Four solo roles and several separate chorus groups give scope for the participation of a large number of children of all ability levels.