• John Joubert
  • Six Miniatures After Kilvert (1997)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

Welsh Harp
The Swing
Mad Woman
Mountain Child
Schoolmaster with violin
The New Harmonium
Composed for the 1997 Presteigne Festival

Programme Note

i. Welsh Harp
ii. The Swing
iii. Mad Woman (solo viola)
iv. Mountain Child (solo violin)
v. Schoolmaster with Violin
vi. The New Harmonium

The reverend Francis Kilvert was curate at Clyro in Radnorshire from 1865 to 1872. After serving four years to his father at Langley Burrell, Wiltshire, he returned to the Welsh border region as vicar of Bredwardine, a living he held until his untimely death at the age of 39. His Diary, first published in 1938, has since become a classic.

The Six Miniatures are both a tribute to Kilvert and a memento of enjoyable times I have spent in Presteigne in what Elgar called ‘that sweet borderland’ in which the town is situated. Each miniature illustrates a character or event recorded in the Diary, the titles being more or less self-explanatory. The music draws on a number of different sources, including Welsh folk song, Schumann, Britten, Handel, and hymn tunes. The last number, ‘The New Harmonium’, is a transcription of the last of my Six Short Preludes on English Hymn Tunes for chamber organ, composed for the 1990 Peterborough Festival.

The Six Miniatures after Kilvert were composed for the 1997 Presteigne Festival and were first performed on 23 August 1997 by Harery de Souza (violin) and James Boyd (viola) at the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Bleddfa, Powys.

© John Joubert