• Christopher Brown
  • Into the Sun (1984)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
  • str
  • 16 min

Programme Note


INTO THE SUN was inspired by photographs I had taken while on holiday in Pembrokeshire and Cornwall in the summer of 1984. As a keen photographer I have long been fascinated by the spectacular images created by taking pictures directly into the sun (hence the title), and especially in combination with water. The three Movements of this work are intended to directly reflect, not only the vividness of the photographs, but also the feelings conjured up by the locations at the time the photographs were taken.
The movements are:
1. SEASCAPE (Porth Nanven) - a remote beach in western Cornwall famous for its river of huge egg-like rocks which grind together in the undertow as the waves recede. Spectacular images of breaking waves. . . . gulls' cries bright sunshine sparkling water.
2. NOCTURNE (Dinas Head) - the sun drops into the horizon behind this headland in Pembrokeshire the air is still wisps of smoke curl upwards into the darkening air from a distant fire.
3. BEACHSCAPE (Memories of Newport and St Ives) - the voices of children
at play. ... windsurfers beach games the sun at its highest and brightest.
IN'IO THE SUN was commissioned by the Peterborough String Orchestra for its London debut concert at the Wigmore Hall on 3 January 1985 with funds provided by the Arts Council of Great Britain.