John Tavener: Review: “The Veil of the Temple“

John Tavener: Review: “The Veil of the Temple“
THE VEIL OF THE a ritual with a sustained,
often very moving narrative thread. Tavener’s
setting…is highly ritualized, with much of the music
firmly anchored to sustained, primal drone bass. But
the way in which Tavener manages to combine the
timeless, primordial element with a compelling sense
of underlying progress is masterly....The performance
is outstanding, capturing the range of color and
expression in Tavener’s highly original, choral writing
to magical effect....Warmly recommended.

— Stephen Johnson, BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

John Tavener
Duration: 160'
Premiere recording
Patricia Rozario, soprano; Holst Singers
Temple Church Choir/Layton
RCA Red Seal 82876 66154 2

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