Riccardo Muti, Chicago Symphony premiere Missy Mazzoli's 'Orpheus Undone'

Riccardo Muti, Chicago Symphony premiere Missy Mazzoli's 'Orpheus Undone'
Missy Mazzoli
© Caroline Tompkins

A banner year for composer Missy Mazzoli continues March 31, 2022, when Maestro Riccardo Muti leads the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in the long-awaited world premiere of Orpheus Undone. This new, twenty-minute piece for orchestra draws upon Mazzoli’s ballet Orpheus Alive, a daring new telling of the Orpheus myth that premiered with the National Ballet of Canada in 2019. Orpheus Undone is commissioned by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and is the culmination of Mazzoli’s multi-season tenure as the orchestra’s Mead Composer-in-Residence.

Orpheus Undone
March 31-April 5, 2022 world premiere
Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Riccardo Muti, conductor
Symphony Center, Chicago, IL

Mazzoli describes Orpheus Undone as “an exploration of two brief moments in the Orpheus myth — the moment that Eurydice dies, and the moment that Orpheus decides to follow his lover into the underworld. Constructed of two connected movements, Behold the Machine, O Death and We of Violence, We Endure, this work explores the baffling and surreal stretching of time in moments of trauma or agony. The movement titles come from Rilke’s Sonnets to Orpheus, and this work uses small fragments of material from my 2019 ballet Orpheus Alive.”

Watch Mazzoli preview the world premiere of Orpheus Undone

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