Guinovart composes soundtrack for Barcelona 2013 World Swimming Championship

Guinovart composes soundtrack for Barcelona 2013 World Swimming Championship
Albert Guinovart has composed the soundtrack for the Barcelona 2013 15th FINA World Championship. Guinovart, who also composed the music for the 2003 swimming Championship, is the creator of more than ten musical pieces, which will be shared with the audience during sixteen days of competition. The soundtrack includes different musical forms, including marches, fanfares, two different suites and accompanying music for the medal awards ceremonies. Different versions of the theme song have been recorded in order to differentiate between the different swimming styles, which are represented in this World Championship: swimming, synchronised swimming, diving, high diving, water polo and open water swimming.

The Orquestra Simfónica de Barcelona, under the direction of the prestigious conductor Arthur Post, has recorded all the versions for the championship at an acoustically amazing venue in the Auditori of Barcelona and will premiere the Suite at the opening ceremony on July 19. 
In Guinovart’s words: “The result is going to be very touching. All the pieces sound amazing. We wanted it to sound epic and emotive and I think that we are achieving that. […] Our aim is to find the right music, which shall accompany the swimmers, who are sportsmen and women, whom we admire and from whom we should enhance their achievements.

The Spanish National TV (RTVE) is going to broadcast the event in HD with Dolby 5.1 sound, which will reach more than 160 countries. Cameras inside the swimming-pool, interactive options for the spectator and amazing sound effects will take the world inside the swimming-pool of this World Championship.

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