New Publications Winter 2011

New Publications: for sale

Mark Adamo
Same Train
SATB unaccompanied
Score HL50490629
$1.95Richard Allain
There is no rose
SATB unaccompanied
Score NOV200882
£2.50Richard Allain
Welcome All Wonders
AATTBarBB unaccompanied
Score NOV200827
£2.50Richard Allain
What sweeter music
SATB chorus and piano (or organ)
Score NOV050281
£2.50Johann Sebastian Bach
Bach for the Cello: Ten Pieces in the First Position
Transcribed for Violoncello and Piano by Charles Krane
Set of Parts HL50490451
$14.99Samuel Barber
Ad Bibinem cum me rogaret ad cenam
SATB unaccompanied
Score HL50490472

Also included in the Complete Choral Music EditionSamuel Barber
Twelve Rounds
3 or 4-part chorus
Score HL50490347

Also included in the Complete Choral Music EditionJeffrey Cobb
SATB and piano
Score HL50490403
$3.95John Corigliano
Two Pianos
Score HL50490191
$24.99John Corigliano
The Mannheim Rocket
Score HL50490190
$40.00Martin Dalby
The Sower
SATB unaccompanied
Score NOV292094
£2.95Ludovico Einaudi
Piano solo
Score CH78518
£14.95Rossano Galante
Cry of the Last Unicorn
Symphonic Wind Band
Complete set ($85.00) HL50490420
Extra score ($10.00) HL50490421
Rossano Galante
Cry of the Last Unicorn
Symphonic Wind Band
Complete set ($95.00) HL50490418
Extra score ($15.00) HL50490419
Philip Glass
Another Look at Harmony Part IV
SATB and organ
Full score (£15.95) DU10868
Vocal score (£16.95) DU10868-01
Organ part (£8.95) DU10868-02
Philip Glass
Four Movements for Two Pianos
Two Pianos
Full score DU10824
Philip Glass
Love Divided By
Flute and piano
Full score DU10857
Edward Gregson
Aztec Dances
Treble recorder and piano NOV121616
Flute and piano NOV121605
Helen Grime
Seven Pierrot Miniatures
Chamber ensemble (flute, doubling piccolo, clarinet in Bb, doubling bass clarinet in Bb. violin, doubling viola, violoncello, piano)
Score and parts CH77913
Handel (ed. Burrows)
Let God Arise for Alto and Bass soloists, SATB chorus and orchestra
Vocal Score NOV060126
Handel (ed. Burrows)
Te Deum in A for ATB soloists, SATB chorus and orchestra
Vocal Score NOV060115
Patrick Hawes
The Darkling Thrush
Baritone and piano
Score NOV161788
Simon Holt
everything turns away
Instrumental Ensemble
Score (£10.95) CH77979
Set of parts (£13.95) CH77979-01
Craig Hella Johnson
Been in de storm/Wayfaring Stranger
SATB unaccompanied
Score HL50490468
Craig Hella Johnson
Hard Trials
SATB and piano
Score HL50490566
Craig Hella Johnson
Soon ah will be done/I wanna die easy
SATB unaccompanied
Score HL50490469
Craig Hella Johnson
We Are
TTBB and piano
Score HL50490589
John McCabe
Solo organ
Score NOV620048
John McCabe
March Sonatina
Solo flute
Score NOV161601
E. J. Moeran
Good Wine
SATB unaccompanied
Score NOV070352-01
Nico Muhly
Drones & Piano
Score SRO100038
Thea Musgrave
Flute (doubling alto flute), viola and harp
Score & parts NOV958936
Tarik O'Regan
Swing low, sweet chariot
SATB unaccompanied
Score NOV200871
Sergei Prokofiev
March, Op. 99 (arr. Paul Yoder)
Symphonic Wind Band
Complete set ($75.00) HL50490115
Extra score ($10.00) HL50490116
Shulamit Ran
SHIRIM L'YOM TOV (Four Festive Songs)
SATB unaccompanied
Score HL50490467
Kaija Saariaho
Adriana Songs
Mezzo-soprano and orchestra
Vocal Score CH71654-01
Kaija Saariaho
Violin and piano
Score CH76703
Esa-Pekka Salonen
Dona Nobis Pacem
SSAA unaccompanied
Score CH78144
John Tavener
Popule Meus
Solo cello, timpani and strings
Full Score (£11.95) CH75966
Cello part (£6.95) CH75966-01
Also available on hire
Augusta Read Thomas
Euterpe's Caprice
Solo flute
Score HL50490207
Augusta Read Thomas
Toft Serenade
Violin and piano HL50490616
Viola and piano HL50490617
Ian Venables
The Pine Boughs Past Music
Medium voice and piano
Score NOV200816
Kevin Volans
Desert Steps
2 guitars, viola and cello
Score (£14.95) CH77770
Set of parts (£19.95) CH77770-01
Kevin Volans
Glosa a lo Divino
Double mixed chorus
Kevin Volans
Trumpet and String Quartet No. 1
Score (£10.95) CH74514
Set of parts (£14.95) CH74514-01
Kevin Volans
Trumpet and String Quartet No. 2
Score (£10.95) CH79090
Set of parts (£14.95) CH79090-01
Rolf Wallin
Trumpet (Bb or C) and organ
Score CH77836
James Whitbourn
Living Voices (formerly ‘The Voices Live)
Soprano saxophone, SATB chorus and reader
Score (£1.75) CH75141
Saxophone part (£1.50) CH75141-01
James Whitbourn
Requiem Canticorum
SATB chorus, soprano saxophone and organ
Vocal Score (£2.95) CH77649
Saxophone part (£4.95) CH77649-01

Solos for the Violin Player
Selected and Edited by Josef Gingold
Score HL50490422

Solos for the Viola Player
Selected and Edited by Paul Doktor
Score HL50490424

Solos for the Cello Player
Selected and Edited by Otto Deri
Score HL50490426

Solos for the Doublebass Player
Selected and Edited by Oscar Zimmerman
Score HL50490428

Masterworks for Clarinet and Piano
Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics
Score HL50490449

Gunther Schuller: A Life in Pursuit of Musical Beauty
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