New Works: Spring 2011

New Works: Spring 2011

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Malcolm Arnold: Suite from ‘No Love for Johnnie’ (1960)
Orchestration: 2(2pic)222/4231/timp.3perc/hp.cel.str
Duration:10 mins

Richard Rodney Bennett (orch. John Wilson): Gormenghast Suite (2010)
Orchestration: 0000/432+btbn1/2perc [clashed cym, piatti (crash cym)sd,2 suscym (med,lge) t-t/tub bells/xyl]pf[cel]/2hp/str
Duration:17 mins

François-Adrien Boïeldieu: La Dame Blanche No 8 Cavatine Viens, gentile dame
Orchestration: 2222/200/hp/str
Duration:8 mins 30 secs

Benjamin Britten: Simple Symphony (1933)
Orchestration: Strings
Duration:18 mins

Philippe Chamouard: Symphony No 8
Orchestration: 2222/4231/timp/perc/2hp/bagpipes/str
Duration:35 mins

Philip Glass: Double Concerto for Violin and Cello (2010)
Orchestration: solo violin and cello; 2+pic.2.2.+bcl.2/4.3.2+btbn.0/6perc/

Philip Glass (arr. M. Riesman): The Thin Blue Line
Orchestration: str
Duration:4 mins

Helen Grime: Everyone Sang (2010)
Orchestration: 3(pic).2(ca).3(bcl).2+cbn/4.3.2+btbn.1/timp.2perc/hp.cel/str
Duration:10 mins

G F Handel (ed. Donald Burrows): Ode for Saint Cecilia’s Day(1739)
Orchestration: 1202/0200/timp/lu/str/continuo
Duration: 52 mins

Joseph Horovitz: Concertino Classico (1985)
Orchestration: 2cnt[=trp]. wind band
Duration:10 mins

Alberto Iglesias: Amante Menguante
Orchestration: str
Duration:8 mins 30 secs

Alberto Iglesias: La Flor de mi Secreto
Orchestration: vln, vla, vc; 1+afl.1.2.1/hp/pf/str
Duration:3 mins 15 secs

Maurice Jarre: Suite Française (2006)
Orchestration: 33(3ca)33/3431/

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Evita
Orchestration: fl+picc+afl/cl+bcl+tsx/hn/2tpt/tbn/dmkit/perc/gtr/2kbd/accn+kbd)/str (db+bgtr)
Duration:110 mins

Nico Muhly: Motion
Orchestration: cl/str4tet/pf
Duration:7 mins

William Byrd, arr. Nico Muhly: Two Motets
Orchestration: 1111/1110/1 perc (mba + vibr)/pf/ cel/str
Duration:7 mins 30 secs

Michael Nyman: Memorial (orchestral version) (1985)
Orchestration: 2+picc2+ca3(3.+bcl)2/42+picctpt/2+btbn1/timp/pf/str
Duration:11 mins

Michael Nyman: The Diary of Anne Frank, Suite for Orchestra (1985)
Orchestration: 2(afl)+pic.2+ca.2+bcl.2/4/3(flg).2+btbn.1/
Duration:21 mins

Ethel Smyth: The March of the Women (1911)
Orchestration: SATB or SSA/111/1.1.1+btbn.0/timp/str
Duration:3 mins
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