Ernst Bacon Performance Grant

Ernst Bacon Performance Grant
The Ernst Bacon Society has announced a program of grants to underwrite portions of the rental fees for performances of orchestral works by Ernst Bacon.

Celebrating the Bacon revival — including the recent release of Ford's Theatre on Naxos 8.559373-74 (Nashville Symphony, Leonard Slatkin conducting) — the Ernst Bacon Society wishes to encourage the performance of more works of this Pulitzer Fellowship-winning composer by orchestras across North America.

Fresh, imaginative, and appealing, these works have great programming potential. Perusal recordings of many of Bacon's works are available on request. Please contact Katy Tucker

    Performance Grant Guidelines:
    • Grants of up to $500 will be made for the rental of scores to orchestras that perform works by Ernst Bacon.
    • The concert program should include the following statement: This performance of [Bacon Title] was made possible in part by a grant from the Ernst Bacon Society.
    • Performances of Bacon's orchestral works published by G. Schirmer are eligible to submit a Performance Grant. Other eligible titles are available from the Fleisher Collection of Orchestral Music and Subito Music.
    • The Ernst Bacon Society will mail a letter of commitment confirming the grant upon receipt of the invoice and contact information.
    • Payment will be sent after the performance and upon receipt of the programs.
    • An initial pool of $4,000 has been allocated for these grants. Grants will be distributed on a first come, first served basis at the discretion of the Ernst Bacon Society.

      Applying for a grant:
    • 1) Performing group submits a letter of intent, with a rental quote from the publisher
    • 2) Ernst Bacon Society responds with a grant award, conditional upon completion of the subsequent requirements
    • 3) Performing group sends a copy of the rental invoice, along with the following information: name of music director; address and phone number of orchestra; and dates of performances
    • 4) After the performance, the performing group sends three copies of the printed program book, with the credit line as stipulated: This performance of [Bacon Title] was made possible in part by a grant from the Ernst Bacon Society.
    • 5) Ernst Bacon Society remits payment in the amount of the grant award.
    • Grant correspondence should be sent to:
          Ellen Bacon
          8 Drovers Lane
          DeWitt, NY 13214
    • Questions can be directed to Ellen Bacon at

    Available from G. Schirmer

    Ford's Theatre
    a picturesque and profound suite in 12 short movements, describing the scenes and events in the last week of Lincoln's life. Performed in 2008-09 by the Nashville, Orlando, New Philharmonia, and West Virginia Symphonies, as well as at LeMoyne College and Clemson University.

    From These States
    a colorful and charming musical train ride across the country, based mostly on American folk songs. Recent performances by Syracuse and LaPorte County Symphonies.

    Smoky Mountain Scherzo
    the scherzo movement of Symphony No. 2, based on two Southern folk songs. Performed in 2005 by the Nashville Symphony.

    Symphony No. 2
    a 25-minute work full of vitality, including big band sounds, "The Smoky Mountain Scherzo," and a full-fledged jazz fugue. Performed in 2006 and again in 2008 by the Mill Valley Philharmonic.

    Symphony No. 1 in D Minor
    Bacon was awarded a Pulitzer Fellowship in 1932 for this symphony. Its four movements include humorous and jazzy elements, along with the stately "Passacaglia and Air." It has been called a "meaty" work.

    Passacaglia and Air
    described as "stately, noble, and beautiful," this slow movement of Bacon's Pulitzer-recognized Symphony No. 1 can stand on its own.

    The Enchanted Isle
    commissioned for the Louisville First Editions series, this lively and cheerful suite describes scenes and characters from "The Tempest."

    The Muffin Man
    a short set of variations on the old English tune, featuring each instrument of the orchestra; enjoyable for both children and adults.

    From Emily's Diary
    settings of various short poems by Emily Dickinson for women's chorus, alto solo, and orchestra.

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