McAlmont and Nyman

McAlmont and Nyman

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The latest disc to be released by Michael Nyman Records will be a departure from the norm, a collaboration between Michael Nyman and singer David McAlmont. For ‘The Glare’, due to be released on October 26, McAlmont selected various Nyman compositions and turned to world news for inspiration. These new songs, written in the first person, draw on a variety of subjects from 21st century piracy (Going to America), lothario world leaders (In Rai Don Giovanni) drug mules (In Laos) and banking errors (Take the money and Run). McAlmont and Nyman, The Glare will receive its world premiere at the Union Chapel, Islington on Saturday October 24 and will be available to purchase from from October 26.

The world premiere of Nyman’s cello concerto A New Pavan for these sad, distracted times will take place on October 29 in Groningen, Holland, performed alongside the Dutch premiere of his Violin Concerto.

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