Missy Mazzoli: Impromptu and Keeping It Real

Missy Mazzoli: Impromptu and Keeping It Real
Missy Mazzoli © Caroline Tompkins

Composer Missy Mazzoli is an influential creative and performing artist with performances of her works taking place around the globe. Organizations from the most prestigious to most humble commission and present her work. Mazzoli's very personal color palette and her choices of stories to tell reveal an individual who — through her composition — engages with the “mysterious, dark, and complicated aspects of the human experience.”

Experience Missy Mazzoli, her inspirations, and her music in two enlightening documentaries from Filmkraft and PBS.


Impromptu Episode 4 | Filmkraft | Directed by Dmitry Trakovsky and Paloma Veinstein


Missy Mazzoli: Keeping it Surreal | Articulate Season 5; Episode 5 | PBS


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(May 2020)